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Photo Slideshows

Linnaean Society members are invited to exhibit photos they have taken of natural history subjects, which, in the spirit of the Society, should be predominantly birds.

Instructions for Submittal:

Send your photo(s) and captions to info@linnaeannewyork.org with the subject “PHOTOS.” Provide the Webmaster with 1 to 30 jpeg images for the creation of a slideshow. File sizes should be about 0.5 to 1 MB at resolution of ~ 200 to 300 dpi. I will resample (not crop) the images for the slideshow.

Please include identification of the subject of each photo in a text file or email for the captions: Name of the bird, location and date the photo was taken and any other details you would like to mention (such as technical details on how the photo was taken or information about the sighting).

Videos of Interest

Videos are mostly about birds from YouTube and chosen because we found them interesting and entertaining. The Linnaean Society does not necessarily endorse everything shown or said in them and, of course, makes no endorsement at all of the products whose advertisements sponsor them on YouTube.

We welcome suggestions of videos to be included here. Select 1-4 videos and, for each, please send the exact title and author, and include the link (web address) to info@linnaeannewyork.org with the subject “VIDEOS.”