2017 Field Trip Observations

2018 Field Observations

Contributed by LSNY Members

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List of 2018 Field Observations:

Pelham Bay Park with Rob Jett — 1/27/2018

Registrar: Louise Fraza
Weather: A pleasant January day, sunny, with temperatures going from just below freezing to low 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It was rather quiet, bird-wise, and sparrows and other small birds were scarce.  But we did find a pair of Golden-crowned Kinglets that gave us good looks as well as several Downy Woodpeckers that were chasing each other. After exploring the pines for owls (we did not find any) we walked around Hunter Island where we had close, satisfactory, looks at Common Goldeneye.  Our last location was the Bartow Mansion grounds.  There were few birds here too and, again, no owls but we had some good looks at raptors. 

Bird List for Pelham Bay Park 1/27/2018
Brant Horned Grebe American Crow
Canada Goose Turkey Vulture Tufted Titmouse
Gadwall Red-tailed Hawk White-breasted Nuthatch
American Wigeon Cooper’s Hawk Brown Creeper
American Black Duck Peregrine Falcon Golden-crowned Kinglet
Mallard Ring-billed Gull Northern Mockingbird
Greater Scaup Herring Gull European Starling
Lesser Scaup Great Black-backed Gull Song Sparrow
Surf Scoter Rock Pigeon White-throated Sparrow (h)
Long-tailed Duck Mourning Dove Northern Cardinal
Bufflehead Red-Bellied Woodpecker House Sparrow
Common Goldeneye Downy Woodpecker  
Red-breasted Merganser Northern Flicker (h)  
Common Loon Blue Jay Total No. Species: 39

West End Beaches, Point Lookout with Richard ZainEldeen — 1/20/2018

Registrar: Kathleen Howley

Bird List for West End Beaches, Point Lookout 1/18/2018
Brant Red-breasted Merganser Herring Gull
Canada Goose Common Loon Great Black-backed Gull
American Black Duck Horned Grebe Rock Pigeon
Mallard Great Egret Snowy Owl
Canvasback  Northern Harrier American Crow
Greater Scaup Sharp-shinned Hawk Fish Crow
Lesser Scaup Cooper`s Hawk American Robin
Common Eider Red-tailed Hawk Northern Mockingbird
Harlequin Duck Peregrine Falcon European Starling
Surf Scoter Black-bellied Plover Yellow-rumped Warbler
White-winged Scoter Ruddy Turnstone Song Sparrow
Black Scoter Sanderling Snow Bunting
Long-tailed Duck Dunlin Northern Cardinal
Bufflehead Bonaparte’s Gull House Sparrow
Common Goldeneye Ring-billed Gull

Snowy Owl 1/18/2018 © Alice Deutsch

Croton Point Park with Paul Keim — 1/13/2018

Registrar: Anne Lazarus

Bird List for Croton Point 1/13/2018
Snow Goose Herring Gull White-breasted Nuthatch
Canada Goose Great Black-backed Gull Carolina Wren
American Wigeon Rock Pigeon Golden-crowned Kinglet
American Black Duck Red-bellied Woodpecker Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Mallard Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Northern Mockingbird
Bufflehead Downy Woodpecker European Starling
Common Merganser Northern Flicker American Tree Sparrow
Turkey Vulture Blue Jay Song Sparrow
Bald Eagle Fish Crow (h) White-throated Sparrow
Cooper`s Hawk American Crow Dark-eyed Junco
Red-tailed Hawk Common Raven Northern Cardinal
American Kestrel Horned Lark American Goldfinch
Peregrine Falcon Black-capped Chickadee  
Ring-billed Gull Tufted Titmouse